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About GoSpeedy

​We have developed a service that pushes the entire site content to a CDN, so the main web server is used merely for site updates, and the CDN locally provides all visitors requests.
Our customers enjoy:

? Site is faster by up to 5 times 
? Bounce rate reduced by up -to 25%
? No need to change your hosting provider
? First 30 days are Free of Charge
? No Credit Card is Needed
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It’s not just us being hyped about it. See what all our customers are saying:
  • “As a publisher with over 100 Million page views a month, speed is essential for us. A short delay in the page load time translates to a loss of revenues. With GoSpeedy the pages of our site loads on average, 3 times faster, from every location worldwide and we see a much better engagement of our users with the content” 
    Gady Hadar, CEO Chattermedia
  • “Front Story is a large publisher operating 50+ websites, was paying $5,500 to a hosting service capable of supporting its 18 Million monthly site visits. As traffic grew, they gradually deployed Gospeedy.io technology on all our assets. With it, they managed to scale to 180M visits (10 times), paying the same amount of money ($5,500) for hosting and CDN, and reducing page load time by 120% on average” 
    Ari Benardete, COO Front Story
  • “As a digital company, we developed hundreds of websites over the years. The hosting is always an issue and for some sites which have a lot of traffic. When I got the recommendation about GoSpedy.io, I did not know that a few days later, my site is going to “break the internet”. Few hours after we launch the site, we got huge traffic, the site kept working, and as a bonus, it worked much better than before. I never saw a company that can help me have more than 1 million users, without doing any changes in my hosting package.” 
    Idan Bar, CEO Bidudi Media

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